30 December, 2014

Innovation Through Audience Interaction [DV:125]

Greetings friends!

Today I talk to you about my process of innovating my craft through audience interaction.

It is amazing just how much feedback and guidance you can get by paying attention to the conversations and statistics on hand.

Living a life of passionate discovery becomes so much easier when you know the limits in which you can handle, and the total stress in which you can maintain, and finding that comfortable place in life is a wonderful experience to have.

If you haven't found that balance yet, take your time, and hopefully, with enough determination, you can find what truly makes you happy in our short existence known as life.

Natural Fork Slingshot Progress & Reddit Secret Santa 2014 Reveal [DV:124]

It feels nice to be back in my cockpit, talking about my random thoughts and actions. :D

28 December, 2014

22 December, 2014

Pocket Pizza [DV:122]

Greetings friends!

Today I serenade you with songs about pizza! :D

21 December, 2014

Quality Over Quantity Is Equal To Happiness. [DV:121]

Greetings, Friends!

Today I talk to you about the importance of Quality, as opposed to Quantity, for the content I create, and how vlogging daily has become less important to me, than actually providing decent content.

I think it is a requirement for me to be honest in saying that doing something everyday just because I feel obligated isn't what drives me to produce.

That being said, I also discuss taking a hike with my wife, and the passion I felt for getting outside and letting my child-like enthusiasm flow forth.

20 December, 2014

Do Not Disturb, Recording In Progress. [DV:120]

Greetings friends out der,
Branden here with another Vlog entry!

Today Christmas came a bit early, as I opened a gift from Brittney a few days early. :P

Enjoy the excitement of me showing off my newest addition to my Office/Studio! :)

19 December, 2014

A Plan For New Glasses [DV:119]

Greetings Friends!

Today I ramble about some possible ideas for a new pair of glasses.

16 December, 2014

14 December, 2014

Project Planning [DV:115]

Greetings Friends,

Branden Here,

And today in my vlog I talk about planning out my newest project for my main channel.

The concept I bring up is simple, you have to budget the project into your daily life, or else, accomplishing goals can be daunting.

13 December, 2014

Catching Up With Mr. Branden! [DV:114]

Greetings friends!

Today I bring you up to date on everything that has been going on the past couple of days.

It seems to have been a long week, missing a total of three days of vlogs, and trying to give myself enough attention to let my mouth heal after the extraction of my two bottom wisdom teeth.

I am very happy to be able to finally catch up, and provide you with a vlog that I am happy with, and happy on.

As a last note, I would like to give out a big "Thank You" to those of you out there who have been helping me to regain my emotional strength in the, my roughest time of the year.

Smile big my friends!

11 December, 2014

A Personal Statement [DV:113]

Today I talk about some very personal issues I have been having, in the hopes that eventually, there will be some sort of resolution.


10 December, 2014

Goodbye Wisdom Teeth! [DV:112]

Greetings Friends!

Guess who is back with another video blog?!

Goodbye Wisdom Teeth, I knew you both so well. So long I have dreamt of the day you would be no longer in my mouth.

May the tops follow you out of my head soon!


07 December, 2014

Learning New Hobbies [DV:111]

Greetings to you, my wonderful family and friends from around internet land!

Today I talk about the concept of Learning New Hobbies through shared experience.

I have found that it tends to be quite a wonderful experience when others take time out of their lives to help you learn something that you find interesting.

The future of education may just be hidden in the concept of fun and interaction.

» My First Natural Fork [DV:105]

» https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33iNKj2PYdo

» Working My Wood [DV:106]

» https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SySGFoiZVHQ

» Natural Fork Slingshot: My First Fling [DV:109]

» https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXIOxgNd_90

» Flat Bands And Naturals

» https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fumgjVMUqXA

06 December, 2014

Saturday Sermon With Mr. Branden: Episode 4 [DV:110]

In today's vlog, I welcome you to my Saturday Sermon about stress and working past obstacles that come up in life. ()

05 December, 2014

Natural Fork Slingshot: My First Fling [DV:109]

Hello Friends!

Branden here with my now, mostly, finished Natural Fork Slingshot, taking on My First Fling(s). I am very happy with this project, and while I know it isn't where I want it to be, the whole building up to this point has been quite exhilarating.

I know "exhilarating" sounds like an overstatement, however, I can honestly say that I haven't felt this happy with a project in a very long time. Possibly the last time I pursued Locksport/smithing years ago.

Sometimes, things just feel right, even if they aren't quite perfect. :D

Thanks for tuning in!


02 December, 2014

Working My Wood [DV:106]

Hello again my friends, Branden here, bringing you some hand crafted fun!

Today I worked quite hard on making my Natural Fork Slingshot come to life.

It is so close that I can almost taste it!

I can't wait to get proper bands on it! :D

01 December, 2014

My First Natural Fork [DV:105]

Greetings my friends and followers! In today's vlog I talk about taking an adventure on some local trails looking for Natural Forks with my friend Brian! This is what I found. :D

I can't wait to get it crafted into a new slingshot!