14 July, 2015

Easy DIY Household Cleaning Solution

Happy Tuesday Friends!

In this video I show you how to make your very own Cleaning Solution to help take care of tough grime, and even hard water stains.

The solution is made up of three parts.

Distilled White Vinegar, Lemon Juice, and Liquid Dish Soap.

Please feel free to pass along any questions, comments, or concerns. Feedback is always welcomed. :)

//-Cleaning Solution Recipe-\\

» Distilled White Vinegar

» 600ml / ~20oz


» Lemon Juice

» 200ml / ~7oz


» Liquid Dish Soap

» 50ml / ~2oz

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A huge thanks goes out to my mother, Brenda Knab. This recipe was initially provided by her, and through a bit of conversion to metric for ease of measuring, this is the final result of our project.

Love You Lots,

--Branden :)

08 July, 2015

A Call To Arms For a Friend In Need.

Hello Friends,

One of my best friends, Richie Wolk, is homeless, suffering from EDS, with no sign of help. Not even enough money in his pocket to get a bus ticket to somewhere safe.

If you can spare anything, even a dollar, it would make the world of difference to not only him, but me as well. Becoming homeless can happen to anyone, and at this point, charity is the only real solution. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome can never be cured, but with some basic housing, and support, at least a little bit of comfort can be obtained.

If you feel that you are interested, and able, to donate, you can find his fundraiser: Richie the Homeless Ehlers-Danlos guy