09 September, 2015

Simple Do-It-Yourself Fire Starters

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Today I bring you a Timelapse showing just how simple it is to make a batch of Fire Starters using nothing more than some lint/cotton and petroleum jelly.

These Fire Starters are great for camping and grilling, or even just to have on hand in that bugout bag of yours.

I'd like to give a special thanks to Moot Booxlé for allowing me to use his track Arprider in this video. If you would like to hear more from Moot Booxlé, you can follow the links below.

Please feel free to pass along any questions, comments, or concerns. Feedback is always welcomed. :)

//-More From Moot Booxlé-\\

» "Arprider" - A Synthesizers.com Electro Jam

» https://youtu.be/rBlvJGMdbCs

» Moot Booxlé on YouTube

» https://www.youtube.com/mootbooxle

» Moot Booxlé's Official Website

» http://www.mootbooxle.com

//-DIY Fire Starter Recipe-\\

» Rub Petroleum Jelly into any of the following...

» Belly Button Lint

» Dryer Lint

» Cotton Balls

» Etc.

» Place in a safe container.

» Ignite when necessary.

//-Need Supplies?-\\

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